A Message from Justin • Multi-media Talk

Jeffrey Veatch, The Fund’s Founder and father of Justin Veatch, has presented his 40-minute multi-media talk “A Message from Justin” to more than 23-thousand students in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The talk tells Justin’s story and is particularly relevant to 12 to 18 year olds and their parents.  Mr. Veatch discusses what happened to Justin and how young people can take better care of themselves and watch out for their friends.  In addition, he offers advice on how facing adversity can be used as a tool for the good of all.  The fees for Mr. Veatch’s appearances, less expenses, go entirely to The Justin Veatch Fund for its programs and scholarships. For booking and more information contact Scott Wolfman at Wolfman Productions (203) 262-8627, scott@wolfmanproductions.com

What People are Saying:

“Your presentation is wonderful.  It’s very moving and so gentle and loving that it catches people off guard and makes them think about what you’re saying.  One attendee stopped me a few days later with tears (seriously) and told me how moved she was.”

Ruth Stein, Committee Chair, Duncan Littlefair Great Speakers Series, Grand Rapids, MI

“…your style was so believable, and, as a parent, I felt so connected. Using pictures from Justin’s life, especially the DARE card and pledge touched me greatly. When students sign that pledge in the elementary grades, they truly mean it; but, so many times something happens that take them away from their true dreams. I left your talk feeling that your family’s story could be the story of any of our families. I also tend to watch students’ eyes, and theirs were riveted on you. You never got “preachy” nor tried to scare the kids; you just told your story. Despite all of the sadness, you left me with a message of hope, and the work you do in Justin’s memory is so meaningful. Thank you for having the courage to share Justin’s story.”

William J. Belluzzi
Superintendent of Schools
Montvale, NJ Public Schools

“Your Presentation was so powerful and heart warming and the students loved you.  Your soothing voice and non-judgemental approach are what our young people respond to best.  You have a gift and I hope you continue to do this amazing work for our children and our communities!”

Stefanie Carbone,
Student Assistance Counselor,
The Masters School, Dobbs Ferry, NY

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