Summer Music Workshop 2013

Our fourth annual Summer Music Workshop was our best ever, and we mean best on a number of fronts.  Attendance was the highest ever with people traveling from farther reaches, with more subjects covered and more depth to the major ones.

Head over to David Miller’s website to see pictures and video highlights.

Songwriting remained a major focus with Jon Gailmor presiding over an enlightening, entertaining and productive “50 Minute Song”. The result was “Whitewater Dream” performed in our end of workshop performance.  Our most experienced song writers attended a roundtable discussion with Chicago singer/songwriter Mike Kinsella, Yorktown’s Jessica Lynn, as well as local performer Mike Latini and well known music teacher Anthony Mandel.

We all enjoyed performances by Kinsella (as Owen), Lynn and Jon Gailmor, whose amazing talent and ability to engage an audience kept us on our toes and laughing.

Melissa Frabotta, Phil Rosenstock, Mark McIntyre and John Venezia provided their talents as a “house band” that greeted our attendees as they first entered the auditorium.  They also presented a program on “Tools for Songwriters” and engaged us in the “Art of Jamming”, a collaborative program that had everyone taking part.

Greg Tysh of The Guitar Center presented an hour and a half session on Garage Band, and we learned that this “free” software from Apple actually had the power to turn out the most amazing recordings with tools we never imagined.

Sloan Wainwright conducted yet another great three hour session that taught us how we can better use our own voices–that personal instrument that makes each individual a most unique musician.

Our “Music Business” roundtable coordinated by Gary Cusano included Rich Credidio, proprietor at 12 Grapes in Peekskill, Ray Wilson, the artistic director of The Paramount Hudson Valley, Mike Kinsella, composer Peter Calamera and his daughter, Jessica Lynn.

Calamera conducted a well attended workshop for the parents of our attendees on strategies to support talented teen musicians.

Our closing performance which was open to the public spoke volumes about the depth of talent of those who attended the workshop.  The performance was recorded in HD Video and will be made available on DVD and viewable on our website.

It was an amazing two musical days and we thank all involved!