Summer Music Workshop 2014

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August 11th & 12th, 289 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, NY

For more workshop info or financial aid/scholarships call (914) 455-0892


  • Song writing
  • Vocal Performance
  • Stage Performance Basics
  • Looping for all performers
  • The art of jamming
  • End of Workshop Performance


garyGary Cusano is a director at The Justin Veatch Fund, a practicing lawyer and front man for the Yorktown, NY band Class Action which performs renditions of classic rock from the 60s, 70s and 80s.
tomTom Dudley, AKA “Blues Bhudda”, is a high-energy singer/songwriter who has written and recorded 30 songs over the past three years working with some of the best musicians in the New York tri-state area.
jonJon Gailmor is a Vermont-based singer/songwriter who has recorded seven albums of original music and represented Vermont at the 25th Anniversary of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Jon’s song writing workshops stimulate and exploit the innate creativity within us all.
daisyDaisy Jopling was born in England and spent 12 years touring the world with the string trio Triology. Most recently Daisy wrote and directed the music for “The String Pulse Experience” which premiered in April to a sell out crowd at The Paramount Hudson Valley. Daisy will be taking that show on the road this fall to Norway, China, Japan, Slovenia, Austria, Turkey, England, Mexico, Sweden and other US cities.
anthonyAnthony Mandel started playing music when he was 11 and is accomplished on guitar, piano, drums and bass. He has composed literally hundreds of songs and as a successful music teacher inspired countless young people to achieve their dreams in music.
tjayTJay Kowalchuk pursued a career as a professional baseball player before happy crowds spread the word that Tjay’s side-gig in music was his strongest suit. As a singer/songwriter/guitarist Tjay’s trademark on stage has often been the extensive use of looping to create multiple dimensions in his performances.
sloanSloan Wainwright is a singer-songwriter who belongs to a musical dynasty of impossibly gifted musicians. In addition to her 8 original albums and touring her vocal workshops bring participants to the discovery that inside each of us lives a beautiful and unique musical instrument.
guitarGuitar Center will demonstrate looping products and offer special discounts for workshop participants.

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