Justin demonstrated his knack for music at a very early age. Maybe it was his grandfather Augie’s talent on the trumpet. Or maybe it was the classical recordings and descriptions of the instruments of the orchestra that his father shared with him that got his attention even before he could ride a tricycle. By the time he was 4 or 5 Justin had gravitated to the keyboard and began to take lessons on a grand piano. He practiced at home on a short, semi weighted keyboard until his piano teacher located a real piano being given away from a storage site. The piano became an anchor that later led him to other instruments like the trumpet, a variety of guitars, drums and other percussion iinstruments like the glockenspiel and synthesizers. While developing his instrumental abilities Justin also demonstrated a flair with words and songwriting became the means in which he conveyed feelings through vocals woven into his musical compositions.
In 2005, Justin created his project band, “The Ivoryton Piano Factory” a name inspired by road trips north from New York through Ivoryton, Connecticut where an old piano factory had long been abandoned. This is where Justin began to showcase his works while giving his friends an opportunity to display their musical talents too. As Justin’s music became more complex he began to work in a
professional studio environment and quickly demonstrated his ability to transform the concept of a song into a finished work.

The Ivoryton Piano Factory
In his basement studio, with a sophisticated laptop computer program, Justin developed a skill for combining analog and virtual sounds into songs he often performed entirely by himself.

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